Private Guitar Instruction with Kate Weekes

30 minute lessons are $25/each

60 minute lessons are $50/each  

Contact:  kate(at) or 613-297-3009


There's never been a better time for on-line lessons.  My on-line lessons are  happening through Zoom.  Zoom is easy to use and won't cost you anything to use.  I'll send you a link and invite you to my 'meeting room'.  


With on-line classes, you can meet with a group of friends and take classes together.  Get in touch for details.


Kate Weekes has been playing guitar for over 20 years.  She is an award-winning songwriter with six albums to her credit.  Kate is a national touring artist and has performed twice in China at the Nanjing Jazz and World Music festival.  With roots in contemporary folk music and classic rock, Kate has spent recent years delving into the world of jazz guitar.   She received an Advanced Artist Award in 2012 to study with gypsy-jazz guitarist Don Ogilvie. Kate has studied with acclaimed Canadian songwriters including Roy Forbes, Ian Tamblyn, Stephen Fearing and Ron Hynes.  Kate's enthusiasm as a teacher is contageous. She finds 'aha!' moments with an approach that demystifies the fret board and empowers her students. 

  • Folk/Classic Rock/Jazz
  • Rhythm Guitar
  • Flat-picking
  • Music Theory
  • Chord Structure
  • Moveable Chord Shapes
  • All ages