New Album! .... new website, new home, new everything...

Hi Folks,

Well, here I am launching my new website to match my new album.  "Frost on Black Fur" is officially being released Oct. 1st 2014 at the Old Firehall in Whitehorse.  I'm going to be doing some CD release shows in Ontario with Grant Simpson in November and December, and then solo across Canada in March.  

The new album arrived about a week ago and I'm keen for folks to hear it.  Bob Hamilton produced it and a whole bunch of great Yukon musicians contributed to the tracks.  The tunes are all originals, many were written specifically for the album.  There are songs about mushing dogs in the Yukon, paddling in the Peel watershed, and travelling in Ireland and China.  I would still call these folk songs, but they've definitely got a spring in their step.  

Speaking of paddling.... I had the opportunity to paddle the Wind and Teslin River's for the first time this summer.... here is the Wind:


And here is the Teslin:

The other big news is that I'm moving out of my little orange cabin on Squatter's Row in the Yukon and heading east back to Ontario where I am from.  I've been up north for 11 years now (which blows my mind) and it feels about time to take stock and perhaps reassess where I'd like to channel my energy.  Sometimes its hard to do that when you are caught up in the whirlwind of daily routines.  I've loved my time in the Yukon and know I will be back soon, but for now - I'm looking forward to connecting with musicians down south and perhaps partaking in some Kundalini yoga and dining at some thai restaurants.

Stay tuned for more on the finer points of southern living,


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