Guitar Bar Chord Workshop
  • Guitar Bar Chord Workshop


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GROUP WORKSHOP On-line November 29th, 2:00 - 3:30pm EST

Bar chords are a kind of moveable chord shape. They allow us to use a single shape to play any chord up and down the neck. Bar chords are a great tool for playing percussivley, letting us dampen our strings and control how long our chords ring out. Bar chords can be a bit daunting to wrap your hand around. It can be painful to play them and confusing to know how to use them. In this workshop, I will show you technique for playing these chords, how they work and when to use them. All levels of players are welcome, both acoustic and electric.

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Kate is offering private instruction for both GUITAR and UKULELE on-line using Zoom.  Get in touch for details:  kate(at) 

$25/half hour 


  • Flatpicking 
  • Fingerpicking 
  • Theory 
  • Moveable chord shapes 
  • Strumming technique 
  • Walking bass lines



Kate Weekes is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist based in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec.  Kate has released three albums of original material as well as collaborative projects.  Her musical background ranges from touring in China with a swing band to touring the Canadian prairies with a fiddle group.  Her original music has garnered the recognition of the ‘Songs from the Heart’ Award for the political category in 2017.   

As a music teacher, Kate tailors her lessons to the individual interests of her students.  She incorporates theory and technique into songs that excite her students while pushing their musical boundaries by introducing new ideas.  Kate demystifies the fretboard and creates ‘aha!’ moments in her lessons. 

    Register Now!  (see above)

    Register Now! (see above)


    (On-line via Zoom)

    November 29th, 2020

    2:00 - 3:30pm EST


    REGISTER above and I will follow up with a link to the workshop via email.


    GROUP CLASSES (on-line)

    January 14th - March 4th 2021

    $200 for 8 x 1 hour classes (Thursdays)

    6:00pm Beginner Guitar

    7:30pm Beginner Ukulele



    Thursdays at 6pm EST (1hr) 

    Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar? Now is your chance to have an introduction to guitar in a low-key, group environment.  

    • Basic chords  for your favourite songs 
    • Strumming patterns 
    • Pick technique 
    • Learn classic songs you can sing along with 


    Thursdays at 7:30pm EST(1hr) 

    Join this group class and learn to play ukulele in a fun and friendly environment. We will learn to play chords to accompany ourselves on some favourite songs.   

    • Basic chords for your favourite songs  
    • Chord diagrams
    • Strumming patterns 
    • Opportunity for questions and playing along