Frost On Black Fur

Kate Weekes

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Kate Weekes' 2nd solo album "Frost on Black Fur" speaks to the life of a dog musher in a little orange cabin in Canada's Yukon. This folk album is charged with energy as it weaves tails from the trails and songs from the heart.

Much of the inspiration for this album stems from my life in Canada's Yukon Territory. I spent 7 years working with a team of sled dogs, my winters on the trails and in the mountains. The dogs pop their heads up here and there throughout the songs on this album, sometimes as I describe our adventures together, and at other times to counter the drama of a love song. Water and rivers are also a big part of "Frost on Black Fur". Songs such as "White Water Dreams" and "Banks of the Snake" bring the listener to the Peel Watershed, in the northern Yukon. At the time of production, the Yukon Government was being taken to court by 2 Yukon conservation non-profits and 2 Yukon First Nations regarding land use issues in the Peel Watershed. The album travels to Ireland and China with songs about my travels and the people I have met along the way. The songs are folk-based and spruced up with some pop and rock flare.

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