Long and Lovely Summer

Hi Folks,

Well, I've sure been busy bouncing back and forth across the country.  I'm spending this summer playing gigs and also guiding some canoe and hiking trips in the Yukon.  I played a couple of shows with multi-instrumentalist, James Stephens this spring and summer, including a show in Battersea Ontario as part of the Pumpkin Pie concert series. Its been fun to play on my home turf and see family and friends at the shows.  We played at the Canada Day celebrations in Perth Ontario.  It was my first time in Ontario for Canada Day in about 11 years.  It was nice to be somewhere dark enough for the fireworks - in the Yukon, fireworks are reserved for the winter months, when its dark enough to see them. Its felt like a really nice, long summer this year because I've spent time down south with warm weather beginning in April.

I headed to the Yukon in early July and guided a trip on the Chilkoot Trail.  It was my third time hiking that trail and I hope to do it again.  The landscape is stunning and ever-changing.  I'll be guiding trips on the Yukon and Teslin rivers in August, and then heading off on a personal trip on the Paull Rive in Saskatchewan in September.  Here are some shots from the hike.  The misty one is from the day we went over the pass, and then sunny one is coming down the other side of the mountains.

I've got some gigs coming up in the Yukon this August including the Watson Lake Farmer's Market and the Village Bakery in Haines Junction, both with Keitha Clark.  The last time Keitha and I played together was in Saskatchewan, I'm looking forward to sharing tunes with her. I'm going to be teaching guitar lessons on Monday nights in Whitehorse this fall - you can find out more about that on the guitar lessons page of my website.  

Other then that...  I'm looking ahead to next year and booking shows for a winter tour across Canada.  I'm contemplating going to school for music and keen to work on my playing and writing.  I'm staring at a beautiful sunny day in Canmore as I write, anticipating the Canmore Folk Festival this weekend.

Okay, if I don't see you in the future, I'll see you in the pasture...


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