I'm making and album & I've launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Hi Folks,

I have begun to record a new album of original material and I've launched a crowd-funding campaign to help raise the money for it.  My goal is to raise $8,500 in 30 days.  So far the campaign has been incredibly encouraging with letters of support accompanying contributions from friends, fans and family.  I feel grateful for the enthusiasm about this project and it is wonderful to have a team behind me, cheering me on as I dive into this endeavour.  The campaign is through Indiegogo and you can watch a cool video shot at the studio by Stephen Fuller Intermedia to learn more about the process and goals.  Click on the "NEW Kate Weekes Album" text below:


I am recording the album near Old Chelsea in Quebec with James Stephens.  This  is my first time recording outside of the Yukon and its already been a great process.  We have mostly been working on pre-production so far:  work-shopping my songs, coming up with  ideas for instrumentation and arrangements, lots of listening and lots of playing.  The next step will be to lay down bed tracks with bass, guitar and drums.  We're hoping to dive into that in the first part of May.

Please share the Indiegogo page with your friends and help get the word out about this campaign.  

Thanks for your support everyone,