Kate Weekes

by Kate Weekes

Released 2007
Released 2007
". Within these 13 tracks are worlds of love and parting, abounding visions of and deep dedication to a country wherein every place is an adventure worthy of travel and exploration. . When she sings of a place, it is as though she is singing to a lover. "
“I mush dogs & play music.”. This is Kate Weekes’ response to the often asked question -“What are you doing in the Yukon?”. In the years that have passed since hitch-hiking across the country from her home in Eastern Ontario to Canada’s North, Kate has found a lifestyle built on exploration and creativity. Kate’s songs reflect her drive to question and understand humanity’s relationship with nature. On her travels throughout Canada Kate has been moved to capture the stories of characters she meets along her way and ponder a sense of place within the varying lifestyles of our country.
Kate released her debut self-titled album in 2007 and has since received national airplay and performed throughout Canada, Japan & China. Kate is the recipient of the 2007 Beth Ferguson Award as well as the Mac Beattie Award for being “quintessentially Canadian”. Kate has had the honour of performing for the Governor General and is making her mark on the Canadian music scene.
Bold guitar playing and thought-provoking lyrics accompany Kate’s strong, sweet voice that continues to captivate audiences. Kate performs as a singer-songwriter, as well as with Grant Simpson in the swing band Five Finger Rapids. Kate also performs & conducts school workshops with the fiddle-based trio Home Sweet Home.

“Wise without being cynical, she pours her experiences into her art, writing lyrics with a poetic richness of place and character.”
- Bill Polonsky, March 24th, 2006
What’s Up Yukon

“Kate Weekes has the ability to capture the Canadian state of being with deftly placed imagery like a painter covers the canvass in extraordinary colour. Kate can use a few well-placed words to describe the most complex of ideas in the most transparent way. Totally an engaging human being, she is one of the new generations of young artists that have shaken the older generation of songwriters and music fans with clarity of purpose.”
-Mitch Podolak
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