'When autumn leaves start to fall....'

I began the summer with a canoe trip on the Big Salmon river.  This was a personal trip with one of my best buds from Ontario as well as 2 dear friends from Denmark.  We laughed and laughed and saw many moose.  It was a cold trip with rapid water, crisp mornings and beautiful mountains. 

I'm making and album & I've launched a crowd-funding campaign.

Hi Folks,

I have begun to record a new album of original material and I've launched a crowd-funding campaign to help raise the money for it.  My goal is to raise $8,500 in 30 days.  So far the campaign has been incredibly encouraging with letters of support accompanying contributions from friends, fans and family.  I feel grateful for the enthusiasm about this project and it is wonderful to have a team behind me, cheering me on as I dive into this endeavour.  The campaign is through Indiegogo and you can watch a cool video shot at the studio by Stephen Fuller Intermedia to learn more about the process and goals:



Cultural Adaptation

Intellectually, it makes sense that I would go through some culture shock upon my arrival in Kingston.  Nonetheless, I think that feeling out of place in my home town is much harder than feeling out of place in a foreign country.  Its difficult to describe this experience but it is something like walking around in a strange dream where everything seems wrong but everyone is acting like all is as it should be.

Grizzly Bears and Awards

Bloggitty Blog Blog Blog.....

The big news is that my song 'Sing it to the Hills' won the political category for the Songs from the Heart songwriting competition through Folk Music Ontario!  I am humbled and delighted to receive this news and also wish to congratulate the winners in the other categories.  

Beyond that.....I've just moved to Kingston Ontario.  Ahhhh  Kingston.  I last lived here as a 20 yr. old, just before heading up to the Yukon for the first time.  I'm excited to spend the winter focusing on musical projects and reconnecting with the arts community here.  I will be working on my writing, offering guitar lessons and considering my creative objectives.  Its been interesting be backin my old stomping grounds and to walk past the street corner where I spent a winter busking to pay my rent.  

...and then I went to Norway....

I've been back in Canada for a week now and am digesting all that has transpired; searching myself for signs of personal growth, clues of where to steer my heart next.  Here follows, the tale of a winter at 69 degrees on the coast of the Norwegian Sea...

Birthday Blog!

Good 'eh Folks,

I recently turned 34 on a mountain by a glacier in Kluane National Park.  I usually write a reflective journal entry on my birthday but because we were back-packing and tenting, I left my 'morning pages' book at home to cut weight.  As I lay in my tent on the eve of my birthday I reflected on this past year and decided it was by far, one of my favourites thus far.

Banff, BC and Backpacks....

Greetings from the melting Canadian North.

I am in Whitehorse right now after spending the first month and a half of 2016 in Alberta and BC.  I headed west on the train from Toronto to Jasper at the beginning of January.  I played my way across the country and as always, reveled in the experience of soaking up the Canadian landscape from the comfort of the train.  I am reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' (Robert M Prisig) right now and one of the lines that stuck with me as I neared my destination was:  "Sometimes it is a little better to travel than to arrive."  It is my sense of adventure that drives my life, however, sometimes I find myself nervous of life's vicissitudes.  I wonder what the next chapter will bring, what will happen next.  A friend had told me that the Ice Field Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise was one of his favourite drives in the world.  I planned my trip accordingly.  I spent a night in Japser and in the cold and dark of the following morning, boarded the bus that would take me down this road.  


Paddling, Berries and a Fiddle Album!

Happy New Year!

I've been looking back through photos from the past few months and it has been a very rich fall.  The image above is from a show I played in Haines Junction, YT with Keitha Clark in August.  I guided a couple of canoe trips in August on the Teslin and Yukon Rivers, then headed to northern Saskatchewan in September to paddle the Paull and Churchill Rivers....

Long and Lovely Summer

Well, I've sure been busy bouncing back and forth across the country.  I'm spending this summer playing gigs and also guiding some canoe and hiking trips in the Yukon.  I played a couple of shows with multi-instrumentalist, James Stephens this spring and summer, including a show in Battersea Ontario as part of the Pumpkin Pie concert series. Its been fun to play on my home turf and see family and friends at the shows.  We played at the Canada Day celebrations in Perth Ontario.  It was my first time in Ontario for Canada Day in about 11 years.  It was nice to be somewhere dark enough for the fireworks - in the Yukon, fireworks are reserved for the winter months, when its dark enough to see them. Its felt like a really nice, long summer this year because I've spent time down south with warm weather beginning in April.

Saskatchewan and back again.... a musician's tale

I headed to Alberta and Saskatchewan in March to play some shows and release my new album "Frost on Black Fur".  I have played in both provinces a few times in the past with Grant Simpson as part of Home Routes house concert tours.  It was lovely to connect with people that we had met on those previous tours.  



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